Here is a checklist of cities I’ve arrived in but stayed less than 24 hours. Some of them were airport stopovers, some were drive/train-throughs, some I had the chance to explore just a little. And since I’ve never been to a city I didn’t like, I owe every one of them a repeat visit with extended stay. They are:

Osaka (even more shameful since I live only a few hours away)

Kobe (as above)

Detroit (I wanted to stop, but the other passengers told me not to!)

Buffalo (holds the record for city I’ve passed through the highest number of times — 3 — without stopping. In my defense, each time it was 3AM)

Singapore (airport stop only)

Bangkok (walked the streets, looked for food but only 7-11 was still open)

Kuala Lumpur (took the airport train to Sentral, looked at the Petronas Towers & went back to the airport — minimalist tourism.)

Los Angeles (airport stopover, though I did get to go outside the building)

Dubai (just an airport stop but still a bonus, as it was unexpected. Worth it to see the Burj Dubai under construction)

Guangzhou (actually toured the city & saw quite a lot of it, but it doesn’t count unless I spend the night, and I didn’t)

Shenzhen (train-through. Some of my friends say Shenzhen is actually a great place so I’ve been intrigued ever since)